Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dream kitchen

My dream kitchen is filled with white and wood, with some steel, solid stuff made to last a couple of generations. My dream kitchen is rustic, a bit industrial, but most of all warm and welcoming with wood and generous baking equipment.
I love eating from wooden bowls, and with wooden utensils. It reminds me of where we all came from, from times past where you had to make your own supplies, and where you took good care of everything so that it would last.
In my dream kitchen my stuff are made to last, and where I did not have to follow trends, just love the things more as time goes by.

Made to last Vintage Coffee set.. I love the retro 60´s look on this set!

Of corse made to last, rustic dining table, where children literally carve memories into the wood.

Perhaps not made to last, but very cool chairs

At the table, of corse a Bench..!

Solid  mugs, with comforting words.

Slice of bread

Wood and lasting Utensils set, as long as the wood is oiled and properly taken care of, perhaps marked with a rune or something to separate them. Wooden utensils are personal of corse.

Oh so pretty bread spoons for baking measurement.

Made to last Knife set

Pretty Cutting boards

I love these White and wood pots

Made to last Salt and pepper set

Gorgeous Souce pot

Generous Baking bowls

The prettiest ever Measuring mug

Enamel Lunch boxes/ storage

Informative Kitchen towel

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